Prison Art - The loss of a childhood friend

By: D. Arredondo


Featured here is a painting created by myself, an idea I came upon after losing a childhood friend to crime.

My friend whom everyone knew as Vito was an artist like me. We road bikes and climbed trees as kids, and as we grew older were both involved in lowriders.

Vito had one of the hardest lives I ever knew. He was a trend setter and a creative muralist. But bad decisions would cause him to lose his edge. Why such a smart guy would chose to use drugs is beyond me. Shortly before he passed away, Vito's longtime girlfriend could no longer take the pain so she left him while he was in prison. Vito would disclose to me that he enjoyed listening to oldies music in his cell and would imagine himself with her all over again.

I dedicate this painting to Vito Attaguile, my childhood friend.



Materials Used:

Oil based color pencil - Oil Pastel - 15X20 inch Rag surface illustration board.



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Prison Art

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