The Real Struggle

The Real Struggle

The Real Struggle

The Real Struggle


The Real Struggle

The Real Struggle


Yet To Be Spoke On

(The Real Struggle)

By James “J-Real” Hightower- Founder and CEO of L.I.E.,


Before I open up this “Yet To Be Spoke On" subject, I would first like to thank Convicted Artist for giving me this opportunity to get my views across to the world. I also would like to thank my L.I.E Family: “Mama Real, Amy Evette, Tootie, Peterwoman, Elle Gie, Auntie Glady’s, and the lovely Ms. Gray (The Co-CEO of L.I.E) for standing by me when no one else would. Thank You All.

Entertainers, Entertainers, (especially recording artists) I have a slight bone to pick with you all. Me, “J-Real”, was truly born in the struggle. I came up in the struggle growing up hard, and never once did I take the time to realize what is going on until now.

As I sit behind bars, reading magazines, and listening to music, I notice there’s always a so-called "struggle" to almost every recording artist's back ground. Most have some kind of "story" about struggling, coming up hard, and how they are so “real”. I would really like to know, what the definition of “Real” is in their worlds? I really don’t see the same kind of ‘Real” they could be seeing . In fact, I feel like if you come from the struggle, living hard and going without, then it shouldn’t hurt at all to give back to one's community, correct?

So why is it that some well known entertainers have plenty of money to blow on drugs, alcohol and other toxins that destroys the mind, body and soul. (Making it "rain" $$$, in clubs etc.) Why throw money down the drain like that, when you either have loved ones, or friends with no money at all living meal to meal. When you have folks that are trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents. I see absolutely no realness in this what so ever, just as well as entertainers proclaiming to be something they are not. Living off the hype of “Hood Brothers” lives like me. A lot of these entertainers wouldn’t have anybody’s characters to live off, if it wasn’t for songs, movies etc. etc. But how we get treated by entertainers who do it.


Talent in Prison

There is more raw talent in prison than anywhere I’ve ever seen before. Many of these convicts personally know entertainers but end up with nothing but the middle finger. Out of sight, out of mind. Some of these same prisoners that have helped several of these individuals in the beginning of their music careers can’t even get a letter because they’re in jail.

I myself sit back on cell blocks and wonder when are the people I once helped going to show up. Now, I myself sit back in this prison cellblock and wonder when people I once helped are going to show up. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy your success or anything like that, but I am saying don’t get all caught up in your fortune and fame and forget where you came from. If you claim the street, or even come from the street, then reach out and help your homies coming out of prison, that’s from the streets also. Help guide them, as well as their talent, in a direction that is positive and influential. They also say, that it truly is enough money, and fame, and individual space for all of us to make it. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but hey, I’m J-Real, and if I don’t keep it real at all times, then I wouldn’t be living up to my name. Think about same of these ghetto children out here struggling though the same issues you claim to have been through. Besides wasting large amounts of money on nonsense, use it for a better cause. Instead of sitting on all of this money for show, please make better solutions happen. Stop being all for yourselves because the ones who helped you get where you are deserve success too. At least a simple thank you or some type of form of acknowledgement or respect.


Make a Difference

Those who claim to be real…. Who claim to be hood…who claim to be drug dealers….who claim to be street….Why not give somebody else the same chance you were once given? I constantly read things about run down communities, poverty, and other things, but I never hear anything about entertainers, willing to help, or make a difference in some sort. Don’t get me wrong, there are some who do contribute, but really, very few…Now, if you read this article, and don’t let zeros in your bank account make you, re-evaluate yourself a bit. Don't let the zero’s in your bank account make you, but rather make the zero’s in your bank account make a difference in your community.

You are human, just like the rest of us. This even goes for the ones who are not entertainers as well. If you chose to be real, then stay real 24/7 to 366. Now, if you are not real, and I catch it, believe I will expose it not caring how you feel.

I appreciate the ones who took the time out to read this “need to be” spoken on article. Thank you for your time, Dr. Sir J-Rocc Tadon, First Urban Book, “The Life of a Hustle”

(Drugs, Money, and Murder)