In Dedication to America

Art and Poetry by : D. Arredondo



He was conceived of a mother with a spine made of steel,
His father  was a true warrior of the real deal.


He made many enemies, clans with ill intent,
They stabbed him in the back and caused his people torment.

He's a warrior of different  ethnicities, races, and beliefs,
A guardian of integrity, and a curse to plundering thieves.

Cowards use terror in an attempt to rob him of his morale,
His nation is serene while others quarrel.


He destroys his enemies with mercy and even heals the ones he hurts,
While his rivals behead the innocent and force individuals to convert.


Some take his compassion for granted and pester and shout,
They bite the hand that feeds them and demand a free handout.

He's nowhere near perfect, but nowhere near bad,
Even though he has his defects, he's the best we'll ever have.




El Paso Texas artists Eduardo & Lorena Aguilar