Convicted Artist Inc.

Est. March 23, 2002

A convicted artist is someone who sees things through their beliefs, desires, passions and commitment to their artistry, whether God given or learned, and pursues their goals through their art.


Convicted Artist is an art, photo and extreme sports gallery that focuses on artistic freedom of expression and collaboration of talents. 

Every expression on the website displays the deep conviction that each artist or athlete has for the particular forum in which they excel, and we proudly share it. 

When innovative and creative minds pour their artistic passions into something extreme, a quality base is born.

Like a thriving seed in fertile soil, we grow and nothing can stop us. That’s what Convicted Artist is; a big mosaic of captivating art, extreme sports, car and bike profiles and other intriguing styles.


We aspire to broaden the exposure of new and more obscure forms of unconventional arts, and we invite you to visit and enjoy our site.




As an independently owned and operated online media we focus on quality. Our goal is to provide you with a free and enjoyable online experience. We strive to feature the best in articles, art, photography, and digital graphics.

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