Warzone Results and Commentary
Pan American Center New Mexico State University - July 31, 2009

By. Thomas McKay & D. Arredondo

Photos By. Vaboom Studios


Las Cruces , New Mexico received a generous dose of brutal boxing and MMA action this Friday at the Pan American Center .

The great event was presented by David May and his team Powerhouse Combat Sports Promotions. Plenty of eye candy was included by Hooters who sweetened up the night with a group of sensual and silky smooth models serving as ring girls.

ConvictedArtist is proud to present in depth details of the evenings slugfests and all-out MMA .Check out these crystal clear photos of exactly what occurred during this majestic event. Enjoy!





Abraham Han

El Paso , Texas


Sergio Santana 0-1-1

Juarez Mexico

El Paso 's Abraham Han seemed to be the more disciplined boxer during his fight against Sergio Santana of Cuidad Juarez , Mexico . Han displayed his great boxing skills by using an excellent concoction of well balanced foot work and stingin jabs.

Han was able to easily connect the shorter and less disciplined Sergio Santana. Santana fought wildly but was unable to avoid the barrage of jabs and uppercuts delivered by Han. Santana bled heavily after an accidental head butt to the left brow by Han. After realizing that Sergio was overmatched Santana's corner was left with no other choice but to stop the fight in the Second Round.




Arron Lyons

Las Cruces New Mexico


Charles Davis Tucson , AZ


Arron Lyons of Las Cruces began his fight against Tucson , Arizona 's Charles “Showboat" Davis by attempting to connect on Davis with a full-powered punch to the face but Davis easily avoided being hit. Davis remained focused and cool and protected himself against a flurry of body shots sent by Lyons . Davis reacted with an attack of his own by connecting on the left side of Arron’s face and delivering good body shots. Arron stood his ground but began to tire in the 3rd round plus he was nursing a bad nosebleed. Charles Davis beefed up the pressure on the 5th round by connecting with a stiff hook that sent Lyons stumbling in a daze to the ropes. Charles Davis ultimately prevailed by anonymous decision..



Tianguistenco, Mx



San Diego , California

Salvador Sanchez entered the ring like a star to meet his opponent, Benito Abraham and received thundering cheers from hundreds of fans. Both boxer’s traded jabs in the first round with no heavy weaponry connecting...

The much shorter Benito Abraham struggled to reach his taller opponent but surprised the crowed by standing his ground for much of the round and giving Sanchez a run for his money. Abraham began to tire during the 2nd round and was backed up to a corner as Sanchez penetrated his defense with a flurry of jabs and upper cuts. Sanchez was able to finally connect with a stiff blow to the chin that ultimately knocked Benito Abraham to his knee’s and unable to recover. Sanchez seems to be on his way to a fine boxing career while shouldering the name and fame of his famous uncle quite well.





Jennifer Han (Debut)

El Paso , Texas

Melissa St Vil

Las Vegas , NV

The evening continued with an exciting match between six-time amateur national champion Jennifer Han and “Little Miss Tyson” lightweight Melissa Vil. Both fighters of nearly equal strength and boxing talent fought hard for the upper hand as they traded powerful hooks, uppercuts and jabs.

Jennifer maintained a well disciplined boxing stance throughout the fight but received a deep cut to her left brow during some close infighting. The scent of blood supercharged Melissa St. Vi and shel attempted to go in for the kill. However, Jennifer remained cool and proceeded to use her great boxing skills to maneuver her way around Vil's aggressive attack.. Tension filled the atmosphere as both boxers began viciously exchanging punches in the final round. It was then that hundreds of Han supporters began chanting “Let’s go Jenny, Let's go!". It was not to be. The Judges scored the fight 38-38 / 40-36 / 40-36, awarding Melissa St Vil victory. In a superbly fought fight, it was difficult to make the call for either fighter but Melissa was the aggressor and it was Jenny’s blood that was let. A tough decision it was, but it was the correct call.

Jenny doesn’t need to hang her head low; she gave a tremendous effort in her first professional fight. She just needs to get back to serious training and hope to meet ‘Little Miss Tyson’ later down the road, perhaps in a championship match in a couple of years.





AUSTIN TROUT 17-0-0 12ko'S




Welterweight Austin "No Doubt” Trout is definitely Las Cruces ’ most revered prize fighter right now. Evidence of this was the ear-splitting cheers he received from hundred of his fans as he strode to the ring. Trout used his excellent boxing skills to tactfully pick his way into the good defense of his opponent, Marcos Primera, of South Carolina.

Primera endured Trout’s constant jabs to the face and body but was unable to execute a particular boxing strategy. Austin Trout slowly wore down Primera with head and body shots, successfully adding another knockout victory to his clean and undefeated record. His efficiency was so polished and his future looking bright.







George "The Monk" Foreman III dazzled the crowd by entering the ring in the similar vivid fashion of his legendary father, George Foreman Sr. Yet once the match started there was no similarity whatsoever. At this date, he is nowhere near as skilled as his Big Papa in the actual art of boxing.

His opponent, George Burrage, was no match for Foreman III and appeared to have no organized boxing strategy. He took a barrage of punches from Foreman III that sent Burrage in a panic mode. Oh, he was hit by hooks and uppercuts thrown by Foreman but they came from right and left field while Foreman was winging with his hands dropping below his waist; daddy George has some teaching to do for sure.

For the record Foreman was able to easily penetrate Burrage’s defense and connect on his face and body numerous times while backing Burrage into the ropes. Foreman prevailed and picked up the second win of his new boxing career. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t skillful, but it was a win, albeit over an opponent who has yet to display any skills in his own career and just can’t win a fight.






“I’m comfortable and focused. Fighting keeps me very humble and disciplined. “
- Abraham Han Interview with Thomas McKay

"He really couldn't hit me; I was too quick for him. He was trying to knock me out with one punch. It was a good learning experience for me, because I realized I needed to go to the body more."

- Abraham Han quoted in the El Paso Times




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