By. Petulant Paula

A convicted artist is someone who sees things through their beliefs, desires, passions and commitment to their artistry, whether God given or learned, and pursues their goals through their art. They use the conflicts, torments, failures, and the successes, and happiness of life to embellish their art with determination and stamina. They may stumble, they may fail, but they never say die, or quit!

A convicted artist is one who takes a piece of wood with two wheels on it and performs beautiful geometric designs in the air, lands with sparks of fire, goes airborne again and again , sometimes crashes bodily on hard cement, bruises, broken bones, but who cares, just go airborne again.

A convicted artist sits in a jail cell full of angst, or in a tenement full of despair, or a palace full of beauty, and turns the pictures in his mind into visible works of art, maybe beautiful, maybe haunting, or brutal, but full of conviction of the soul.

A convicted artist takes a box with strings on it, a few black and white pieces of ivory, a piece of brass with some holes in it, and makes the music of his or her inner being into music, happy, sad, haunting, mournful, loving, poignant, whatever is happening to them at the time, reflecting their convictions.

A convicted artist bares his chest, puts on some funky shorts, wears leather mittens and steps onto a plywood stage covered with canvas, surrounded by ropes and uses the artistry of his trained body to fight another artist, both intent upon being the greatest artist in the ring. Brutal, but body poetry in motion-gets knocked down, or out, gets up and does it again and again.

A convicted artist takes random words found in a dry dictionary and puts them together to form word artistry-lovely, caustic, brutal, soul searching, rib tickling, the reflection of the word artistry of thought, perception, or just plain opinion. If no one reads it, write some more and some more and-------you got it, some more.

A convicted artist takes a polished board with a fin on the underside, mounts it and rides the underbelly of a huge hunk of ocean water, with grace and ease, nearly drowns, gets back up and does it again!

A convicted artist leaps and bounds across the floor to music, pirouettes through the air, stomps a Flamenco, ankles swollen, toes bleeding, legs and back aching, missteps, falls, gets back up and does it again until the dance is perfect.

A convicted artist takes a needle, some ink, YOUR idea, causes you great pain, and creates beautiful art on your skin. Now that is Conviction!

A convicted artist takes hundreds of pounds of horsepower, puts two or four wheels under it, straps him or herself into it or hugs the seat, wields a hunk of metal around a racetrack, or dirt course to win a race, or to crash, rebuild, mend the body, and do it again and again.

The conviction of talented artists coming together to showcase the artistry of others and help them achieve their dreams and goals is convicted artistry in itself. They are always pursuing talent to help these convicted artists achieve their fame.

An convicted artist can be anyone who goes beyond the "normal" to the exceptional, no matter if it is a kooky way to wash dishes, to divine food preparation, to keeping a hula hoop going on your hips while vacuuming. Put some conviction into everything you do, find and pursue your dream and the artistry will follow with practice and discipline.

Art God given, or developed is everywhere. Conviction is very rare! Pursue it Dear!

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