Han Dynasty III
Phenomenal Sports Accomplishments
By Thomas ‘The Wizard’ McKay

The latest Han dynasty is being forged in the West Texas Town of El Paso. At the helm of this expanding Empire is Master Bae H. Han, a sturdy, strong, and wise disciplinarian. Master Han’s dynasty differs from the ancient Western and later Eastern Han Dynasties in that his warriors are disciples of his martial arts school and trained to conquer all opponents in Kick Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Aikido, Karate, Hap Kido and Judo. His main warriors are his own children, Jennifer Han, Abraham Han, Stephanie Han, Heather Han, and Israel Han. These mainstays of the Han Dynasty III have over the past decade demonstrated extraordinary skills at the local, state, national and world stages. It may be fair and correct to state that they represent the most successful fighting family in the United States. They have won significant battles nationally and worldwide under the strategic guidance of Master Han and brought back the spoils of their victories in the forms of gold, silver and bronze.

Indeed, they are a dynasty and expanding their empire week-by-week, month-by-month, year-by-year. To advance the empire even further into domains dominated by boxing, Master Han has added that ancient fighting skill to his dojo and his offspring have responded superbly at the amateur level and are aspiring to make headway against the professional giants of the squared ring. It is a mighty task but the leadership is there, the warriors are responding, and the future looks Han bright.
A dynasty is basically a sequence of rulers from the same family. Yet no dynasty can exist for hundreds of years without each ruler producing armies and weaponry to defend or expand the empire from enemies near, far and wide. Such was the case with Han Dynasty I and Han dynasty II. The first Han Dynasty seized power in 206 B.C.E. by defeating the mighty Qin Army. It was an internal struggle but the best use of the weapons of the day along with the most intelligent strategy proved the difference. For many scholars, it was good that the Qin Dynasty was tumbled; the new Dynasty produced the first emperor, a peasant named Liu Bang who took the official title of Emperor Gauzu of Han.

The new dynasty had spent years training their warriors to be experts in the use of deadly weaponry especially close infighting weapons like the long and short Dao (saber), the Qiang (spear), the Jian (sword), daggers and other deadly hand weapons to stab, slash, cut, slice, hack, hammer and chop.
The first Han Dynasty declined and a short-lived Hsing Dynasty under an Emperor Wang Mang emerged. However, the masses were unsupportive and a secret society of peasants, known as the “Red Eyebrows,” swelled their forces and led an uprising that toppled the short-lived dynasty. Many of these fighters were nobles from the old Han dynasty and their leader, Liu Hsiu, killed Wang Mang in 22 A.D. This former nobleman also assumed the throne and became known as Emperor Kuang wu Ti.

Once again, it was the difficult yet successful training with the best weapons of the times, along with strong leadership and planning that led to the glorious Han victory. With that thought in mind, we come back to the present Han Dynasty. It has been successful so far because the warriors under the guidance of Bae Han have mastered the numerous martial arts skills under his instruction and have proven themselves in battle with only the weapons of hand and foot; the magnificent weapons of hand and foot I proudly point out. Therefore, like past dynasty’s, it will be up to Master Han’s siblings to win the vicious and bloody battles ahead of them in order to continue the longevity of the Han Dynasty III.
The most notable El Paso Han III warrior to date is Jennifer Han. Her remarkable martial arts success coupled with her championship boxing accomplishments has given the family an apparent heir to the throne her father now holds. She has been the clan leader in most of its conquests and is presently in charge of assuring that the dynasty continues unabated. In truth, her battle resume makes her worthy of the title, General Jennifer of Han Dynasty III.
At age 26, and fighting at 125 pounds, Jennifer is the oldest sibling of Master Han and his divine wife, Joyce. Jennifer has had a blistering daily schedule of study, discipline, work, martial arts, boxing, instructing and attending school for most of her life. To date, her social life has been mostly restricted to photo shoots, weigh-ins and restaurants around the world. Along the way she has become El Paso’s most prolific champion in combat sports. Somehow she found the time and intestinal fortitude to earn a Kinesiology degree from The University of Texas at El Paso.

Readily adaptable, she showed early on in her career that she was destined to be something special. As a young teenager, she entered the Junior Olympics Martial Arts competition and though unranked, emerged with a gold and silver medal. That was only the beginning of what has become a sensational career.
Master Han empowered his winsome daughter through her teen years in the demanding disciplines of Tae Kwon do, Hap Ki do, and Hoi Jeon Moo Sool. She eventually excelled in all three arts and has earned second and third black belts in each of them. The grand old master further molded her into a top-level competitor in kickboxing with the tools of the trade any warrior would appreciate. To test his daughter’s mettle, he chose battlegrounds locally and statewide. When Jennifer demolished the opposition, it was keen of Master Han to kindle the fire within his daughter and test her skills against the best martial artists and kickboxers in America.

Jennifer responded positively and over the next few years, Jennifer not only engaged the best-of-the best in ring combat, she emerged victorious and undaunted about the huge task of expanding the budding dynasty globally.
Back home at the dynasty dojo, Master Han knew his daughter was at a skill level attained by only a few dedicated martial artists. Yet he was knowledgeable of the fact that the Asian and European empires had employed the ‘empty hand’ and the ‘mighty foot’ for thousands of years in life and death battles, not just arena bouts. Though Jennifer was steel tough, he knew that he must employ more deadly art forms into his daughters already taxed regimen if she was to compete in war at that level.. He chose Muay Thai and the sweet science of Boxing. Within months Jennifer was learning those skills, sparring with those skills, and whipping up on both men and women; and her learning accelerated quickly; so quickly that she added the two arts to her competitive martial arts fight tour that already was taxing, draining, exhausting - yet emotionally and physically rewarding.
Master Han was smart enough to realize that his expertise in six martial arts disciplines didn’t include full knowledge of world class boxing.

To ensure that Jennifer would be emboldened in the sport, he chose to have Las Cruces New Mexico boxing trainer Art Monsaviaz, Christy Halbert, and eventually El Paso boxing trainer, Jerry Wright, shoulder the responsibility. Again, Jennifer was up to the task and over the next few years she dazzled both the martial arts world and women’s amateur boxing with exceptional fighting skill and the wherewithal to capture major championships in the United States and around the globe. A glimpse at a few of her stunning accomplishments is testament to the rigorous training, skill level, and fighting spirit she developed over the many years of various martial art disciplines.



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