Leandro González Peña

Surrealistic Images on Ceramic


Leandro González Peña who was born in Montecristi, Dominican Republic in 1960 is a self-taught artist who focuses entirely on allegorical style art.

Pena begins each project by painting surrealistic images on ceramic, and then installs each tile onto the walls of buildings. When completed, Pena’s master pieces look amazing and have a rare glossy and crystal clear appearance.

His ceramic mural’s are intended to last a life time and can resist sun exposure and other climate elements.

Leandro G. Peña has installed dozens of his ceramic murals on the walls of buildings all over the world, including one at the Baptist Spanish Publishing House‎ in El Paso, Texas.

Apart from being an artist, Leandro González Peña is also a pastor of the First Baptist Church in Mao, Dominican Republic where he currently resides.  


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